Industry-Specific Business Insights

Business marketing has constants across every industry.

At the end of the day, you want to serve your customers well, get something fair in return, and act in honest and responsible ways.

But all industries are not created equal.

And across whole types of industries, we can see different trends emerge that are unique for each category.

It's worth taking a look at these categories in-depth.

Categorizing Industries

People in the business world abbreviate and categorize business types using these cute little letter systems, where B = Business, C = Consumer, G = Government, 2 = the word "to", etc. So you can read "B2B" as "Business to Business," or in other words, a Business that sells its products or services to other Businesses.

This system got more common in the late 1900s as everyone agreed it was a useful way to separate businesses. But why is it useful?

Each of these business types are drastically different from each other, with different needs, different considerations, and different challenges.

A B2B company's strategies and day-to-day concerns are significantly different than a B2C company, and you can imagine that it would be easier for an employee of a B2B to move to a different B2B, than to move to a B2C.

Alternatively, if a B2C company introduced a new product or service that was in the B2B space, they'd need significantly different tactics to market it correctly to this new segment of customers.

When the Internet started catching on, it revolutionized other industry categories too, like C2C, B2G, D2C (Direct to Consumer), and P2P (Peer to Peer), not to mention influencers.

Understanding where your business fits has only grown more important over the years. While these categories are always only generalizations, you can learn plenty from examining your landscape.

Industry Types

  • B2B: Business to Business
    A very common type, including technology services, manufacturing, marketing, and more.
  • B2C: Business to Consumer
    A familiar type including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment.
  • B2G: Business to Government
    A less-familiar type including defense, healthcare, and education.
  • C2B: Consumer to Business
    This might include freelancers, crowdsourcing, and even customer reviews.
  • C2C: Consumer to Consumer
    These include online marketplaces or even your friendly local garage sale.
  • C2G: Consumer to Government
    This one is a little more abstract, but could represent taxes, fees, or even voting.
  • G2B: Government to Business
    Government services to businesses can involve regulatory functions, permits, and education.
  • G2C: Government to Consumer
    This is a wide range of services from public roads and utilities, licenses, and social goods.
  • G2G: Government to Government
    A more abstract category that includes inter-agency or inter-governmental collaborations.
  • NFP/NGO: Not for Profit or Non-Governmental Organization
    These are charity organizations that try to further a cause or fulfill a mission.
  • D2C: Direct to Consumer (also known as DTC)
    This is when a manufacturer sells directly to a customer, bypassing conventional retailers.
  • P2P: Peer to Peer
    Direct transactions between individuals, typically on online platforms.
  • Online Influencers
    Individuals using their social media following to impact their audience.

Beyond this sort of categorization, we also sort companies by what they sell and provide. Let's get into all of these industries.

Specific Industries

This list contains only the industries that I've worked in personally. But as you'll see, that's a pretty wide spread. I have plenty of experience to share.

  • Diamonds & Jewelry
  • Coffee Shops & Franchises
  • Luxury Brands
  • Automotive OEMs
  • Automotive Dealers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare: Large Clinics & Hospitals
  • Healthcare: Individual Doctors
  • Veterinarians & Veterinary Networks
  • Attorneys & Law Firms
  • Software Companies
  • Apps for Smart Devices
  • Energy Utility Companies
  • Oil & Gasoline
  • Fashion & Clothing Retail
  • Retail Convenience Stores
  • Restaurants & Small Foodservice
  • Fast Food Franchises
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance Companies
  • Finance, Mutual Funds, & Investment Firms
  • Banks
  • Manufacturing
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Vacation Cruise Lines
  • Entertainment
  • Sports Networks
  • Alcohol Brands
  • Adult Businesses & Websites
  • Models & Actors
  • Musicians & Bands
  • Visual Artists & Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Video Editors
  • Film Production Studios

As you can see, there's no shortage of industries that I can help you grow in.

Explore more and learn about what business is like in each one.

Or, get in touch with me today so we can start on your personal success.

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