I can help you market your business better.

My name is Ethan Hulbert. I've been a professional marketer since 2013, and I've been making websites since 1997.

At Hulbert Marketing, I provide actionable recommendations to businesses. These recommendations are meant to directly increase profit. There are many tactics in marketing that "feel" good, but don't really affect the bottom line.

I avoid these tactics.

I built this website as a reflection of this idea. No frills. No flashy images. No distracting features that don't add actual value.

It's just me, directly telling you how I'm going to make you more money.

What I do for you:

I spend most of my time researching your target audience, your brand, your competitors, your industry, and your web presence. Whenever possible, I look at existing studies. I talk to consumers directly. I run my own experiments.

Your recommendations will be specific to you and your business. The meat of these recommendations will be in an easy-to-understand PDF document.

Depending on your needs, I will also provide a full website audit, a SWOT diagram (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), competitive comparisons, or other diagnostics. These will be immediately followed by direct recommendations based on the information presented.

A blue and purple search console graph showing an increase in target audience views.
An example of my work: organic views and visits for a website that I helped redesign.

We will also have a number of video calls, so you can tell me what you need, and so I can clarify anything that needs more explanation.

I stand by my work.

Many people think marketing is dishonest. In 2020, a study asked people how trustworthy they thought various professions were. "Advertising executive" was at the bottom of the list.

I readily admit that marketing -- and especially sub-disciplines like SEO -- contains many charlatans, snake-oil salesmen, and outright scams. You might have ran into them yourself, and they may have soured the whole notion of marketing for you. I understand.

That's why I named my company Hulbert Marketing. It's my name and my reputation on the line, every time. I sign the bottom of every page to signify that I, Ethan Hulbert, stand by my work. You can trust me to be honest, direct, and complete.

An orange graph showing an increase in overall marketing keyword rank.
Another example of my work: overall "marketing weight" for a website I optimized.

Don't let that make you think that none of my ideas will ever fail, or that I guarantee any results. In marketing, it's physically impossible to guarantee performance results. If you're approached by a marketer who does, it's a sign that they're either inexperienced or running a scam on you. Whether or not you choose Hulbert Marketing, you should keep this in mind in your selection process: beware of guarantees.

And when we try different tactics and ideas, you can be sure that some will fail. This is the nature of experiments. You should judge Hulbert Marketing, and any other agency, on how it responds to those situations. I keep my initial experiments small, so any losses are negligible, and I never make the same mistake twice. This is what honest marketing looks like.

Of course, you would prefer a marketer with some experience. That way, they'll have already made the more common mistakes, and learned from them on other accounts, instead of yours.

I have a lot of experience.

Since 2013, I have consulted for some of the largest companies in the world. I have also consulted for companies that consist of only one person, and for companies at every level between those two extremes. I have worked for ecommerce businesses, for local shops and regional service providers, for global information companies, for nationwide chain stores, and nearly every other type of business that exists.

Although the science of marketing stays constant, different types of companies need different types of recommendations.

I have had a thorough career making money for companies in a lot of different industries. In no order, these industries include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Coffee Franchises
  • Educational Services and Websites
  • Automotive OEMs and Dealers
  • Luxury & Fashion Brands
  • Utilities, Energy, and Oil
  • Veterinarians and Vet Networks
  • Restaurants and Foodservice
  • Vacation Cruises
  • Healthcare: Individual Doctors and National Clinics
  • Alcohol
  • Telecom and Communications
  • Sports Networks
  • Financial, Mutual Fund, and Investment Firms
  • Technology, Software, and Apps
  • Banking
  • Clothing Brands
  • Artists, Musicians, and Models
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment Companies
  • Retail & Convenience Stores
  • Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Adult Businesses and Websites
  • Diamonds and Jewelry
  • Photographers, Film Editors, and Video Production Studios
  • Many Types of Charities and Nonprofits
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • and others.
A blue analytics chart showing an increase in organic website traffic.
Another example of my work: engaged organic traffic for a blog I created.

I founded Hulbert Marketing in 2021. I did it because my accountant told me it was better for filing taxes. I probably should've "officially founded" it years earlier, but I wasn't thinking about taxes.

I was too busy marketing my clients.

Let's focus on what matters.

This website is not flashy. Flashy websites rarely sell. A website is an advertisement, and like any advertisement, if the flash and the form distract you from the function, then it doesn't matter how creative it is. The purpose of marketing is not to win creativity awards.

The purpose of marketing is to make money. I never forget that.

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