This is a Top 1% Website

Yes, the website you're looking at right now - - is a website in the top 1% when it comes to all kinds of performance metrics.

It's the only website I've ever seen to score 100% on so many SEO factors. In fact, I have no qualms about saying it's SEO perfect.

It's fully loaded in the time it takes you to blink.

The homepage is so compact you could fit over 200 copies of it on an old-school floppy disk.

The code is 100% valid, which is so rare on the web that it's hard to find any other valid site to compare it to.

This site is my showroom model for what's technically possible on the web. I coded this website by hand and I'm extremely proud - here's why.

Page Speed

This website is so fast you probably don't even notice it loading. Even if you're on a slow connection, you can refresh this page right now and barely even notice a flicker.

Go ahead, try it.

In fact, try a hard refresh, which is where you force your browser to reload every single element on the page (instead of using copies it may have stored earlier for faster loading). Usually you do this by holding the shift key when you refresh.

This website is so fast that it literally loads in the time it takes a human eye to blink, which is about 200-300 milliseconds.

Here are some screenshots from GTmetrix, the best page speed checking tool out there.

100% grades on page speed

The homepage is the first ever site I've seen that actually achieves 100% scores.

Fast load time, low filesize, low requests

Although these numbers fluctuate a little bit with every test, they don't lie: that's proof that this website loaded in 249 milliseconds.

Google found that 70% of web pages were over 1 megabyte (1,000 kilobytes) in filesize.

My homepage? 6.6 kilobytes.

And my ruthless culling of images and dynamic-but-unnecessary features keeps that request count as low as it possibly can go.

Sure, I'll say it: this site is not the fanciest or most elaborate you'll ever see.

But compare that to other agency websites. What do they have? Flashy icons that don't really mean anything, stock images of ethnically diverse actors smiling in rented conference rooms, and whiteboards with buzzwords written inside circles? It's a cliche.

I don't exactly see this as a loss.

Even the background image to the left and right (which you can't see if you're on mobile) isn't actually an image - it's CSS. Which means even less resources to load.

Speed is a ranking factor, but it's also vital for conversion. From the earlier Google resource, we see how drastically users shun slow or even average websites:

Users bounce off slow websites

Speaking of Google, what does Google's own PageSpeed Insights have to say about my website?

100% speed score from Google

Another perfect score (on both desktop and mobile). And the details only make it sweeter:

Time to first byte, meaningful load information

You've never seen another website like this.

Technical SEO Perfection

Check that source code and you'll see that I've got everything.

Perfectly executed meta tags. Perfectly executed social tags. Perfectly executed organization, webpage, and breadcrumb structured data - and perfectly executed breadcrumbs to go with it.

Passing the structured data test with 0 errors

Don't forget the perfect heading structure, which avoids the common mistakes of putting the logo or global header text in a redundant H1, or filling the nav, side content, and footer with H4s and H5s for layout purposes only.

I interlink in nice plain text (although this site isn't big enough to have a structure) and there are no redirects or broken links.

There are no dumb errors in my robots.txt, I have a full image XML sitemap, and my htaccess is configured for a few extra speed boosts that factor in to the loading time discussed above.

It would be really damn tough to find any flaws in an SEO audit of my website. And that's the point. I wouldn't critique your website while mine was lacking. If I can do it, I can help you do it, too.

If you do see anything I missed, I challenge you to let me know about it.

Completely Valid HTML & CSS

No, having valid code isn't really a ranking factor.

(Not unless you screw it up so badly Google can't even read your site.)

But valid code is important for other reasons. It's the way the web should work. It's professional. It's future-proof. Simply, it's just correct.

The vast majority of websites out there are not fully valid. Frankly, that's ok, and certain web functionality is more advanced than these standards and actually can't be totally valid. In most other cases, though, the web developers just don't care.

But I do. HTML:

No errors found in my HTML

And CSS:

No errors found in my CSS

Those CSS warnings mentioned in the screenshot above aren't actual warnings of bad code, they're just notifications I'm using third-party vendor extensions. That's normal for the web, nothing that needs to be fixed.

Being fully validated on CSS even grants me the right to use this nice little badge:

Perfect score CSS icon

While there is no validation badge for HTML5, this site is - you guessed it - fully compliant with HTML5 standards. I use semantic HTML5 tags to specifically define areas of the site (amongst other things).

Perfectly valid HTML5

Other sites are still using regular old div tags. Well, too bad for them.

I guess I'm just used to going the extra mile.

Of course, the page is fully mobile-friendly, too:

Mobile friendly test pass

But in this day and age, this should be a given.


The most amazing part about all of these cool features is that they're all happening on the same website.

Sure, you can go find another website that's super fast, but it won't be valid and probably won't have the best SEO. (And even if it's super fast, it likely still won't be getting perfect 100% scores.)

You can also go find another website that's fully validated. But it will be sorely lacking in optimization - or, even for the best of them, probably still just not quite as perfect as this one. Usually, the only websites that are fully valid these days are filler pages or relics with a single line of content, not actual serious destinations.

So yeah, I'm bragging, because this is meant to be a showcase. This site is my resume that proves I know exactly what I'm doing. Given total control from the ground up, I can optimize the hell out of a website.

Now that you've seen what I can do, how can I use my knowledge to help you?