Hire Me: SEO Audits & Consulting


There's no one-size-fits-all solution for SEO. That's why I offer different options that can best accommodate your needs.

I offer audits in three different sizes: Silver, Gold, and Mithril.

I also offer ongoing consulting in certain circumstances.

The terms of all my work is detailed in the last section on this page - please make sure you've read it before hiring me.

Website Audits

The vast majority of my SEO work is done through audits. With an audit, I dive into your website to discover what's not working. Then I show you how to fix it. Simply email me to begin.

The Mithril Audit

The Mithril Audit is far and away my best work. I've seen plenty of other reports from other SEO companies, and I've incorporated all the best from them along with so much more.

You've never gotten an audit like this.

We're talking completely unique and actionable advice to improve your business that you can start working on right now.

It starts with an SEO audit that's bigger and broader than the rest - and more qualitative, too, not just a glorified crawl report. It then goes on to touch on user experience, customer journeys, and obstacles getting in the way of conversion.

But it doesn't even stop there.

Other agencies will give you an SEO audit from the perspective of an SEO agency. At Hulbert Marketing I turn this on its head and give you a full marketing strategy audit with your website's natural search presence as the foundation.

The Mithril Audit is the real deal - trust me.

I take you back to school with your organic marketing mix, your online competitive advantages and weaknesses, your digital marketing plan, and more. For most websites, this means you'll receive a number of different charts and analyses, all summarized for easy communication. (These are also easy to share with stakeholders in your own internal decks.)

Are you looking at the right KPIs? Are you targeting the right online traffic? Was that last dip in your traffic caused by a good strategy implemented poorly, or a poor strategy implemented a little too well?

Beyond the audit documentation itself, I also hold an hour-long post-delivery call to answer all your questions, provide any necessary clarification, and expand further on what I've presented.

The Mithril Audit starts at $13k (depending on your website) and is delivered within 30 days of the work start date.

The Gold Audit

The Gold Audit is focused strictly on search engine optimization. Although this does touch on conversion rate and user experience, your performance on Google (and/or other search engines) is center stage.

This is a full SEO audit, from the brass tacks of technical details to the art of writing engaging, authoritative content.

With the Gold Audit I tackle every single ranking factor and show you where the opportunities lie. While this includes a full crawl, the real value is usually in the subjective factors that you can only really judge with experience.

And not only do I provide instructions for fixing every issue, but also the estimated impact and effort for each one. This helps you set realistic goals and prioritize what will truly make a difference for your bottom line.

I never forget that my recommendations need to be practical, focused on making you more money and getting you more traffic, and not just checking off a bunch of SEO boxes that may or may not have any real-world effect.

You'll even get the same post-audit phone meeting that I offer above.

The Gold Audit starts at $6k and is delivered within 15 days of the work start date.

The Silver Audit

The Silver Audit is a quick - but still thorough - analysis of your website. If you're just looking for a list of quick wins, this is it.

I can't say that this is as good as the audits above, but I also don't want to sell this one short. I'll give you what matters and I'll give it to you fast and straight.

The Silver Audit starts at $249 and is delivered within a week of the work start date.

Ongoing Consulting

I offer ongoing consulting for businesses that need a longer commitment to reach success. This often involves me meeting with key stakeholders multiple times, communicating effectively with development teams, and doing a lot of QA checks.

Ongoing consulting is useful when you need me to see a plan implemented to the end. Or maybe you're redesigning and replatforming an existing website and need to do everything you can to hold onto your current rankings in the process.

For most websites, I think audits are the way to go, but there are just some situations where consulting is a better fit. And since my goal is to cater to your needs, I'm happy to offer it.

That being said, I'm selective of my ongoing clients and won't take on anyone I may have a conflict with, or anything that's too much for me to handle without significant outsourcing.

If my client load is already too full, I will politely turn you down. I never take on work that I can't give my wholehearted time and effort to, even if that means passing up revenue.

Consulting rates vary substantially depending on your need. No two situations here are alike. Let me know what your interest is and I'll give you a quote.

The Details

How do you hire me? Simple. Just shoot me an email - [email protected] - with your name, website URL, goals, and which package from above you're interested in. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, usually within a day or two. The more details you include, the better.

A portion of revenue from any and all packages above will be donated to charity. I will let you know which charity and give you some details about it along with your audit. I just think it's nice to give back.

These audits and all audit materials are for you and your internal teams only. Please do not share these with the general public. Please talk with me before sharing with other vendors, contractors, or agencies.

Sorry, but I can't audit non-English websites. If your site is multi-lingual, I will focus on the English versions, but still give attention to the other languages where appropriate (such as relevant UX issues, hreflang, targeting, and other areas).

You don't necessarily have to own the website you want me to audit, but there may be extra things we have to discuss first. It's possible, there are just a couple more things I may have to take into account.

Depending on volume, there may be a short wait time before I can start your audit. I obviously want to give you the time you deserve, so I'm not going to divide up my attention into too-small chunks just to try and fit more clients in. That's now how I think you, or anyone, deserve to be treated.

There will be a short initial discovery phase before the work start date while I get the necessary information from you. I will invoice you at the end of this discovery phase. Work will begin after payment is completed.

If for any reason you're unhappy, partial refunds are available. Feel free to ask.

Most communication will be done via email, but I'm open to some calls depending on your audit level.

If you have specific questions you want me to answer in your audit, just ask! Bear in mind that I can't answer those that are too far outside my usual scope.

I personally perform each and every one of these audits. I do not outsource. Sometimes I may call in a colleague for a second opinion, and will usually note when I do so. But rest assured I'm not just farming these out to some cheap, low-quality external source. It's all me, no white-labeling.

All of my recommendations follow Google's current guidelines. There are a few grey areas in Google's guidelines thanks to unclear policies and conflicting statements by spokespeople, so in these cases I stick to the SEO community's generally-accepted standards. If there's anything remotely iffy, I'll let you know.

By sending me an email requesting work, you're agreeing to these terms. You can also view my privacy policy, linked at the bottom of every page, for more information about how I deal with your data and other legal matters. In short, I never share or sell or store anything, other than the bare minimum I need to in order to complete my services.

Thank you. Have an excellent day.